Day for Daniel brings child safety to the fore

By Kris Carver
Telstra Country Wide Area General Manager

As a Dad of three children under the age of 10, a graduate of the University of the Sunshine Coast and the Area General Manager for Telstra on the Sunshine Coast, representing the Telstra Foundation at the launch of the Child safety game ORBIT was indeed a pleasure. The Morcombe’s and the Daniel Morcombe foundation have worked tirelessly to bring visibility of certain dangers facing our kids to the fore.

The Telstra Foundation brings the worlds of community groups and digital technology together, working with partners to unlock their digital potential so that all Australians – regardless of age, income, location, disability – can enjoy the social and economic benefits of being connected. Three years ago I attended the launch of a partnership between the Telstra Foundation and the University of the Sunshine Coast, and it was wonderful to recently attend the launch of ORBIT, the game that the support of the Telstra Foundation (among others) has helped bring to fruition.

Our MC’s for the ORBIT launch were Alanna and Troy, two local school pupils who are the voice of the female and male characters in the game. This was followed by a demonstration of the game by a Year 4 class from a nearby school to show how much they enjoyed the experience and what they had learnt.

During all of this I could see the impact and benefits this could have for my kids and the young people of Australia. ORBIT is a fun, free-to-play computer game for children aged 8-10, designed to protect them from sexual abuse by:

  • helping children to select five trusted adults to be their support network
  • developing the child’s understanding of what sexual abuse is
  • encouraging the child to tell their trusted adults if he/she is being abused
  • educating trusted adults, caregivers and teachers about child sexual abuse
  • providing resources for trusted adults, caregivers and teachers on child sexual abuse including how to respond to a disclosure.

Our kids are our future and thanks to the Daniel Morcombe foundation, Queensland Police, University of the Sunshine Coast and the Telstra Foundation we are able to find technologies of today to connect with them and build a safer future for them.


Originally posted on Telstra Exchange November 14, 2013