Primary students take practical approach to cyber safety

By Michael Browne
Principal Seaford Primary School, VIC

Social media is an increasingly popular form of communication used by our students. Many however have yet to develop the maturity to understand what information is safe and appropriate to share.

We saw a need to educate our students at this early stage about responsible online behaviour and how to protect themselves on social media sites.

The Telstra Everyone Connected grant enabled us to implement a practical approach to educating students about cyber safety, cyber security and cyber bullying.

Through a monitored social media site developed for primary school students ( students will learn to communicate with each other and build a forum for other students to see.

Students will also create and distribute printed cyber safety brochures for neighbouring schools.

The program will aid our students’ social and emotional development, minimise incidents of cyber bullying and help those affected by it.

We also plan to target parents through a forum created by the students so they too are conscious of these issues and equipped to help.



Seaford Primary School is based in a low socioeconomic area and offers a personalised learning approach by keeping class size contained and running a variety of specialists programs. The Cyber Safety program will be run with each class for a year. Students will be given access to notebook computers that will have the social media forum available for use. The forum will be open and will be discussed in small groups as to the level of safety each student engages in. Students will also have the opportunity to visit other schools and share their stories and experiences .

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Target: 110

Duration: 10 months

Outcome: Formative cyber-safety skills

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In 2012, to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Telstra Foundation made 100 Everyone Connected grants to community groups to improve digital inclusion by connecting disadvantaged children and young people to the internet, building their online skills and promoting cyber safety.