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Chuffed - Changing the face of charity

The percentage of young people that donate to non-profits has declined steadily in the past 30 years. While Gen Y is socially conscious and want to contribute, they are finding traditional fundraising campaigns to be a big yawn.  That’s where Chuffed comes in.

Chuffed is a crowdfunding platform that connects donors with great non-profit causes and socially innovative ideas online.  And, as Founding Partner, we’re obviously chuffed to see it’s already changing lives.

You choose a project that matters to you from the Chuffed website, support it in a way that works for you and then track your impact as it comes to life.  Or you can start your own online fundraising campaign, for free.  What distinguishes this platform is that all the money raised goes to the non-profit or social enterprise; it’s not frittered away by fees.

Add in the option to offer cool perks for different levels of support, and make it super-easy to share updates via social networks, and you’re chuffed.




Socially conscious Gen Y connected to Australia’s best non-profit campaigns