Code Club Australia

Giving every child in Australia the chance to learn to code

As the world gets more digitised, so too does the demand for coding talent.  It won’t be long before jobs in coding & programming will outnumber people studying it.

In Australia, we have a growing need for more skilled programmers however coding has only started to be taught in schools as part of the Australian curriculum.

Introducing Code Club Australia.

Code Club Australia aims to give every child in Australia the chance to learn code by facilitating a network of out of school hours Coding Clubs for children aged 9 -11 years. Each club is led by teachers and volunteers who run weekly hour-long clubs at primary schools to teach kids the basics of coding.

Sessions emphasise fun, creativity and learning-through-exploring. Children are trained in programming by creating games and they are encouraged to think creatively and to build problem-solving skills.

While teaching children to code  may help solve a future skills shortage, it also builds problem-solving abilities and digital confidence for children today, and helps them to better understand the world around them.

The Telstra Foundation is partnering with Code Club Australia to help achieve the organisation’s mission by enabling them to deliver an accelerated “train the trainer” program, targeting teachers around the country and prioritising schools in low socio-economic areas.


Code Club Australia

$1 million

The opportunity for all kids in Australia to have the chance to learn to code