Connecting when you can’t speak

Assistive Technology Australia - Everyone Connects Australia

How would you connect if you couldn’t talk?  How would you answer the phone, have a conversation with your friend, or order a sandwich at the café? This is the reality faced by people with complex communication needs every day, all of their lives.

In Australia, thousands of people have a severe or profound communication disability, also known as Complex Communication Needs (CCN).  This number will likely rise as our life expectancy increases and our population ages.

Technology can do amazing things and sometimes all you need is someone to show you how.

To tap into this potential the Telstra Foundation is partnering with Assistive Technology Australia to explore how mobile and tablet technologies can be used to improve connectedness of young people living with CCN.

As part of Everyone Connects Australia, young people with CCN and their carers, and the professionals who work with them will attend mini-expos and in-depth training sessions delivered by speech pathologists and occupational therapists to learn and trial a range of technologies including tablets, smart phones, software and apps – many for the first time.

The project is being rolled out across metropolitan, regional, and rural areas of Australia. Through this project we aim to increase awareness of assistive technologies, including mainstream mobile and tablet technologies, accessories, and accessibility options.

Resources developed through the project are publicly available on the Assistive Technology Australia  website on the Everyone Connects site.

National – covering rural, regional and metropolitan areas

Independent Living Centre NSW


Increased awareness of assistive technologies, including mainstream mobile and tablet technologies, accessories and accessibility options for people with CCN