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Orygen - Supporting long-term recovery for young mental health patients

Can a custom-built social network platform and app support the long-term recovery of young patients with mental health issues?

Yes.  Orygen Youth Health Services is delivering the award-winning Horyzons digital program that leverages peer to peer technology and is changing the way clinicians treat kids dealing with psychosis.

Horyzons has the potential to improve the long-term wellbeing of many young people suffering from psychosis by preventing relapse.  It enables young mental health patients to be in contact, communicate, support and be supported by others who have experienced similar episodes. Expert moderators guide this interaction, ensuring a safe and supportive network. Horyzons is currently being evaluated via a two million dollar clinical trial funded by the Department of Health.

Horyzons translates therapeutic content – “doctor-speak” – into specific strategies that users can action in real life. Sophisticated algorithms tailor information and content to individual users, based on their preferences, their online activity, who they interact with, and many other relevant variables.

Within Horyzons, users can identify personal strengths, monitor their symptoms, expand their comfort zone, learn to relax and meditate, receive individualised vocational support, learn and receive training to become a peer-supporter, improve their physical health, team up with other users to tackle new challenges, consult with a wide range of leading experts and much more.

The Horyzons-Mobile app will support the long-term recovery of young mental health patients by enabling them to engage with trusted peers, trained peer-supporters and expert moderators – in real-life and in real-time.  It will amplify the positive impact of the Horyzons program by greatly boosting its accessibility.



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Long-term wellbeing of young people suffering from psychosis