Interactive digital classroom to stamp out bullying

PROJECT ROCKIT - Amplifying the digital classroom to combat (cyber) bullying

Bullying remains a huge issue affecting young Australians: almost one-third of young people report being bullied every few weeks.

With the rapid growth in technology and social media, bullying occurs around the clock and is often suffered in silence. Experiences of school bullying have been linked with increased risks of suicidal thoughts, poorer physical health and early school leaving.

PROJECT ROCKIT, Australia’s youth-driven anti-bullying and leadership organisation, empowers young people to stand up and lead change – in school, online and beyond.

Since 2006, PROJECT ROCKIT has worked with over 100,000 young people in interactive face-to-face workshops, earning the reputation in schools as the ‘student favourite’ in anti-bullying interventions.

Now, PROJECT ROCKIT has taken its program online and, in partnership with the Telstra Foundation, is ready to launch its digital classroom.  Having piloted it with more than 2,000 young people, the online curriculum provides all young people with credible, high impact and ‘cool’ anti-bullying development anywhere with an Internet connection.

The online component will complement and help scale the program, to reach young people across Australia.  Backed by a youth-driven social media campaign and an app, the project will also provide students with a useful 24/7 “pocket guide” to manage bullying issues.




Increased leadership skills, citizenship behaviours and resilience for young people