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Imagine if an online interactive game could help teenagers deal more effectively with the life stressors that we know can lead to more serious mental health problems.

Enter the world of ReachOut Orb – a virtual world where the pressures of everyday life have caused the Glitch! This negative force has taken over and drained colour from the world. Players interact with different characters in an attempt to boost their own and other characters’ wellbeing, and to return colour and positivity to the world.

ReachOut Orb is a world-class, serious game – built for iPad and desktop – that uses virtual experiences to introduce students to tools and strategies that can improve and sustain wellbeing. The game draws on positive psychology theories and evidence, through a focus on developing personal strengths, savouring positive experiences and increasing feelings of gratitude.

Positive psychology

Positive psychology is the science of wellbeing. It explains how to create a satisfying life filled with meaning, pleasure, engagement, positive relationships and accomplishment. Research has shown that specialised strategies and tools can help people maintain a positive state of wellbeing, despite at times experiencing setbacks and challenges in their lives. These strategies guide gameplay in ReachOut Orb.

Mental health and wellbeing in schools

ReachOut Orb is designed for year 9 and 10 classrooms and is mapped to both the Australian Curriculum and the NSW PDHPE cirriculum. The game is supported by a comprehensive teacher resource. Schools play an important role in promoting mental health and wellbeing for students and staff; and the evidence demonstrates that adopting a strategic approach to improving mental health can result in improved academic performance, and reductions in behavioural and disciplinary issues.

Want to play?

ReachOut Orb will be launched to schools across Australia in late February 2016. To register your interest in the game visit

About ReachOut Australia

ReachOut is Australia’s leading online mental health organisation for young people, providing practical support to help them get through everything from everyday issues to tough times.

Since 1998, ReachOut has worked alongside young people to deliver online tools that address youth mental health and reduce youth suicide. Available anytime and pretty much anywhere, is accessed by more than 110,000 Australians each month. That’s more than 1.31 million people each year.


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