Remarkable: An Inclusive Digital Tech Accelerator

Cerebral Palsy Alliance – Where innovation meets universal design

In the last thirty years technology has transformed the lives of people with a disability, giving mobility to those who can’t walk and a voice to those who are unable to talk. More recently affordable mobile devices – technology not specifically designed with disability in mind – have provided life-changing solutions for people with a disability at a relatively low cost. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Telstra Foundation has partnered with Cerebral Palsy Alliance to pilot Remarkable, Australia’s first disability focused accelerator program where the brightest minds will turn digital technology into life changing solution for people with a disability.

Over three years, the Remarkable project will prototype 30 tech projects and engage 300 people in the design process. Importantly people with disability are front and centre of the project, participating from idea iteration right through to development and testing of the prototype.

There is also a secondary purpose of the Remarkable project – it will blueprint a model for all Australian accelerators to encourage investment in universal design of digital technology solutions. The end game is not to have “disability incubators” but to have the Remarkable thinking embedded in all incubators as a viable path to commercial opportunities, worth backing.

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a leading disability charity with a 70-year history of service and program development, implementation and evaluation. Their vision is for all Australians with a disability to be able to fully and meaningfully participate in life. Access to digital technologies can make this possible.

Check out these great events facilitated by Cerebral Palsy Alliance and stay tuned for how you can get involved in Remarkable.

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