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SYN - Making creators not just consumers of digital media

Listen up, Australia:  SYN Nation, the first ever national media service produced and presented entirely by young people, is here!

SYN Nation is the inspired idea of SYN Media, ‘where young people run the show’.  SYN delivers programs to equip young people, age 12 to 26, with the skills they need to be creators, not just consumers, of media.

Through SYN Nation, young people across the country, especially in regional communities, have a national stage.  SYN Nation makes innovative use of digital technologies to give young people the support they need to collaborate, contribute to and lead the media conversation, regardless of where they live.

In 2014, five ‘SYNers’ from across the country took part in a year-long program to develop their leadership skills, supporting them to form collectives of young people – Media Hubs – in their regional communities. Each Media Hub – in Byron Bay, Canberra, Hobart, Warrnambool and Traralgon – now continues to runs in collaboration with key local partners and brings young people together to produce regular media for broadcast on their local station, on SYN’s digital radio service and online.

Telstra Foundation is supporting SYN to create an Online Youth Media Platform, an online home for SYN content, which will be streamed online and available to download as podcasts.  The platform will also include online training to support young people anywhere in Australia to get in on the media-making act. The Foundation is also supporting SYN to establish two new Media Hubs in WA.

SYN Nation aims to empower young people to create their own media and, in the process, to develop confidence, communication skills, increased awareness of themselves and their community, and skills in leadership and teamwork. Together, these benefits can make a positive, lasting contribution to mental health outcomes and the wider community.


SYN Media


Empowerment of young people nationally to be creators not just consumers of media